Jot Home restores faith in the profession of real estate service. Over the 30 plus years that I have dealt with him, he has provided invaluable advice, support and time which often went beyond the strict transactional boundaries of the real estate profession, and more often than not, at no direct gain to himself other than the personal satisfaction of"doing the right thing" by all parties. Jot Home epitomizes the "real service" in the real estate industry - HATS OFF TO JOT!
Barbara Wynne-Edwards (Google Reviewer)
I have known Jot since 1986. Bought and sold and bought again with his help. Always found him to be reliable and very helpful in our dealings. I would recommend him to anyone looking for reliable advice and results.
Andras Baliko (Google Reviewer)

When we were looking for something to buy in Victoria we started with looking for a Real Estate Agent to look after OUR interest rather than responding to an SELLING agent. A manager for a large mortgage broker (who knows all agents ) highly recommended JOT HOME. We specified what we wanted and Jot did his home work in a very efficient manner and quickly found exactly what we were looking for. With great attention to detail, the purchasing process was a breeze. Jot is very professional in all aspects and a real pleasure to work with. We can highly recommend him.

Sven Erik and Doris Jansson
Jot did a wonderful job selling my condo. I appreciated his expertise and helpfulness. Many thanks Jot, for a job well done!
Maureen Gold (Google Reviewer)

We had the opportunity of meeting Jot through a friend and am certainly happy that we chose him as our real estate agent!  He acted immediately and our home was sold in four days at a higher price than we had listed!

He is a true professional and willing to serve in every aspect of the sale of your home!  Our home had to be upgraded in a couple of areas and Jot took care of everything!  He is the man - if you want someone who is reliable, honest and trustworthy!

Maxine Fisher-Schell

It was such a pleasure working with Jot Home when we moved to Victoria 5 years ago and began shopping for our condo.

My husband and I were extremely impressed with Jot's consistent professionalism as a Realtor.  He always communicated in a timely fashion, his attention to detail is impeccable and he is very knowledgeable about the area and the market.

We both appreciate the work he did finding the right home for us and would highly recommend him to anyone selling or purchasing real estate.

Val Smith
We so appreciated how wonderful Jot was when he helped us purchase our home.
DeeAnn Lemire (Google Reviewer)

Jot makes buying a new home easy and stress-free. He is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and friendly. He makes himself available for his clients and is always looking out for their best interests.

We had the pleasure of working with Jot to purchase our first condo together, and we could not thank him enough for his honesty, professionalism, and support.

If you’re looking to buy or sell, we would highly recommend Jot; he’ll get the job done fast.

Thank you!

Shannon Maxwell & Braeden Wilson
A very experienced and honest realtor. Also a nice guy.
Michael Lemire (Google Reviewer)